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At Peabody’s, we celebrate the path that brought you here and we work with you to reach your hair goals. Pull up a chair and embark on a personalized experience resulting in a look that is uniquely yours.

See what’s possible

Peabody’s provides more than a good haircut – we want to know your story and how we can be a part of it. The Peabody’s experience begins with a complimentary consultation, where our stylists aim to work with you to create a vision that is expertly tailored to fit your needs. 

After a quick tour of the salon, your consultation allows you and your stylist to discuss your vision and get comfortable. Together, you will walk through the process step by step to create a look that will have you strutting down Mass Ave like a boss. 

Learn Our Story

Our stylists are all graduates of Peabody’s Prep School, where they not only learn to be hair styling rockstars, but also learn how to build trust with their clients and walk with you on your hair journey. Our team is growth oriented and, more importantly, they are YOU oriented. Peabody’s mission is to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels celebrated. We are our authentic selves so you can be too.

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Finding Beauty in Everyone

How many times have you walked into a salon and felt like your stylist was speaking another language? At Peabody’s Parlor, we keep you in the loop on our styling process. It is your  hair, after all. 

We help people to express and discover their authentic selves because we believe ALL individuals are beautiful. A foundation of strong relationships and trust between client and stylist allow us to create stellar looks and, more importantly, stellar confidence for everyone, both in and behind the chair. 

Our Fearless Leader

Steffanie Peabody Boram added “independent business owner” to her resume in 2013 after opening her home salon. As her vision for the business grew, her goal was to create a space where everyone could feel like part of the gang. Four years later, she opened Peabody’s Parlor on the vibrant and bustling Mass Ave, where her team has served the eclectic downtown community ever since. The salon expanded in April 2021, at which time it reopened as the same Peabody’s we know and love, only with more room to make your hair dreams happen. 

With over 14 years of styling experience under her belt, Steffanie has since retired from her spot behind the chair, but continues to share her passion for the industry by championing her team and providing a fun, friendly atmosphere for everyone who walks through her doors.

Supportive, Sustainable Styling

Peabody’s is built on values of inclusion, sustainability, and growth. Our love of people and the planet is directly reflected in the products that we use and the company we attract. Our goal is to make everyone feel as beautiful as we know them to be by choosing intentional brands to fill our salon with high quality and planet-friendly products. 

Our team is highly skilled, highly silly, hugely supportive, and all around, the best people you will ever meet. All of our stylists have gone through our in-house apprenticeship program and have grown into a talented, driven, and drama-free team who cannot wait to fulfill your vision by doing what they love.

Know Thy Hair, Know Thyself

All photos owned and created by Peabody’s Cooperative Artistic Team.

Your style is unique, so we make sure our menu is fully a la carte to give you as many options as possible. Your appointment will start with a complimentary consultation where you will talk to your stylist about your hair, personality, and lifestyle. Our knowledge of you will help us create a custom experience to make you feel like the head turner that we know you to be. 

Let’s Talk Money…When You Get Here 

Our prices range based on your specific hair goals. In your consultation, your stylist will go over price points for your particular look, so there are no surprises when the bill comes.


Your cut should be based on your personality, not your gender. Therefore, we remove all gender labels from our haircut services to make sure we achieve the look that makes YOU feel confident, whatever your pronouns may be. 


The healthiest hair is the hottest hair. Our treatment options are designed to eliminate a multitude of hair hurdles, including:

  • Eufora Moisture Masque Treatment, to restore moisture stripped by outside forces like flat irons and bleaching
  • Hero Scalp Treatment, to hydrate and smooth straight at the source
  • Cezanne Smoothing Treatment, to tame that ever-annoying frizz 
  • Chill & Condition Relaxation Package, for that little bit of “me” time.

Ask your stylist about the right treatment to make you feel like your hair can take on anything. 


Whether you’re looking for a quick root touch up or a full balayage, our expert stylists are ready with the latest trends and tried and true practices in their tool belts. Talk to your stylist about your hair’s day-to-day needs to find out if you are looking for:

  • Spring Lights
  • All over color
  • Foil Highlights
  • Specialty coloring, such as dip dye or block coloring

Quick Note: Our treatments and color services do not include a blow dry and style, but either can be added by choosing the “blow dry and style” option when booking online.

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Our 20/20 referral program gives you all the more reason to brag about us! Tell a friend about your favorite new salon and you BOTH get 20% off your next appointment.

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Fueled by Skill and Style

As a Peabody’s Pro, you’ll stay sharp on the latest techniques to become a styling powerhouse. But it takes more than craft to become a kickass stylist. You’ll also learn critical skills to help you own your career success – financial education, time management, and personal branding, just to name a few. 

The Peabody’s team operates on three core values: humble, hungry, and smart. All Peabody’s Pros should come in ready to work, excited to learn, and not afraid to be a little bit silly.

Once you’ve completed our email questionnaire, we’ll schedule a shadow day to see if our team is a good fit for you (and vice versa). If one goes well, we’ll schedule another, followed by an interview with Steffanie.

Your Future is Fabulous

Whether you’re new to the game or an industry veteran, your knowledge of our salon’s values and practices is critical to your success as part of our team. Every new Peabody’s Pro will complete our training program and immerse yourself in everything from expectations to sanitation to observing salon culture.

From there, your Peabody’s path will be tailored to your experience level to ensure that you continue to grow as a styling powerhouse. We will hone your skills and build on them to help you to become an oh-so-stellar stylist and business-savvy professional. 

Our stylists are pro hard work and anti bullshit. We want you to thrive as a member of our team through continued growth and constant support. After all, if you succeed, we all succeed.

Ready to get Started, So Are We!

Please email Steffanie Peabody at to apply and answer the following questions to help us get to know you:

  • Name
  • Pronouns
  • Social Media Handles
  • What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in your career? Tell us about the experience.
  • What do you like to do outside of work?
  • How would your friends be most likely to describe you?
  • How did you discover Peabody’s Parlor? What stood out to you?
  • What inspired you to apply for the stylist position?

Please attach your resume to your email. We’re psyched to hear from you!

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