Hey, friends! 

As we wrap up Earth Month, I’m reflecting on one of the key pillars of the Peabody’s brand – sustainability. 

As a team, Peabody’s cares so deeply about not just the lives of our clients, but the life of our planet. Unfortunately, with 877lbs of waste every minute, the industry as a whole doesn’t have the best track record for sustainable practices. It makes sense – when you think about the amount of plastic gloves, shampoo bottles, foils, and water we use in a day, it’s easy to see how quickly the numbers add up.

We can’t always control how much we use – it’s a part of the industry, to some degree. But, we can control what we do with our salon waste to make sure it is recycled properly. Luckily, there are other brands out there committed to sustainable business, and by partnering with other ethically minded brands, Peabody’s is doing our part to keep our carbon footprint as small as can be. 

I’m so proud to work with these kickass brands, so I want to take a moment to tell you about them and all that they’re doing for the planet. 

Waste Warriors

We all know the basics: recycling good, landfills bad. But what happens to our recyclables after we’ve worked so hard to separate them into their different bins? Do we actually know how we’re reusing our recyclables? 

Thanks to Green Circle, the answer is yes, we do.

Green Circle is a certified B-Corporation that uses revolutionary technology to reuse up to 95% of beauty waste in real, innovative ways–none of which include landfills. 

After salons like ours have collected their hair clippings, excess hair color, plastic bottles, and PPE, the waste warriors at Green Circle turn all that crap into:

  • Plastic for recycling bins
  • Metal parts for bikes and cars 
  • Clean energy
  • Oil for fuel

Think about that for a second – there are recycling bins in some salons that were once hair clippings! How insane is that??

I’m so thankful that Green Circle takes the inevitable waste we create just by existing in this industry, and allows us to give it a new, planet-friendly life. 

Delta-8 Innovators

I am obsessed with local brands, especially when those local brands share our commitment to people and the planet. 

Many of our hemp-derived THC products are provided by not just a delta-8 manufacturer, but the Delta-8 manufacturer. A biochemist in Carmel discovered the healing powers of hemp-derived THC and used his scientific formulation background to create 3CHI, the first company to manufacture federally legal THC-dominant products in the US. Their work is rooted in research and methodology, as they break down and analyze the cannabinoid plant to create products that help you enhance your experience of life, rather than escaping it.  

I have loved working with this company – they are the most transparent company I’ve ever worked with in the retail space, and they value the balance of mind, body, and spirit just like we do. I’ve spoken a lot about Peabody’s commitment to holistic living for both our staff and our clients, and this company equally values the connection between mind and body to your overall well being. 

Come check out some of our hemp-derived THC products from 3CHI at the Emporium and see what great stuff they’re putting out into the world!

Toxin-Free Farming

Can you imagine land that has NEVER been touched by chemicals? That’s what Rock ‘n Roots is working with. 

In the mountains of Colorado, John and Candice Orlando’s farm is fueled by a love of family and love of the land. They use clean water and clean land to grow organic food and herbs, as well as hemp products like topicals and teas, which we proudly sell in the Emporium. Like us, they believe in the healing powers of the hemp plant and work hard to use the land respectfully. Rock ‘n Roots is making waves in the hemp and CBD community, and I am here for it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Another step on the path toward sustainability is reducing our disposable product usage. When you stop by our new and improved Emporium, not only can you purchase your go-to sustainably sourced hair products, but you can also get reusable Q-tips and makeup pads to reduce your use of one-time disposables. Every brand we sell in the Emporium provides sustainably-made products that align with our values as a team so we can keep providing a positive, holistic experience for our staff, our clients, and our planet.

Happy Earth Month, everyone! I am so proud of the sustainable practices we’ve implemented at Peabody’s and the badass businesses we work with to get there. With everyone’s help, we can keep Mother Earth thriving, and we can look and feel good doing it.