Step Inside Our Classroom

We are already working hard to achieve our 2022 goals, and our stylists are making sure that they stay on top of their game for you, our fabulous clients. In Peabody’s team-centric business model, we include ongoing education opportunities as part of our practice to keep our skills sharp and our brains growing. This month, I want to pull back the curtain to show you all that goes into training as a part of the Peabody’s team.

Quality Care, Everywhere

As a salon owner, your experience at Peabody’s is my top priority. But your experience is about more than good hair. We aim to provide a holistically stellar service, from your first text to your first shampoo. This gives us the opportunity to teach professional growth in unique ways in our prep school program, and our stylists are constantly improving to make sure we can keep helping you feel your best when you are in our chair.

Crushing It, One Week at a Time

In order to continue wowing you, our stylists participate in weekly in-house training classes to work on a variety of valuable skills. These classes are designed to cover all areas of the Peabody’s way – that is, not just our technical skills, but also the ability to be smart and compassionate business persons.

During the month of January, we’ve covered a few different styling-specific topics, like making sure our new Peabody’s Pros are up on the latest blow drying techniques. We also saw amazing success from our independent education days, where the stylists each chose a virtual education course to take and then taught their chosen skill to the rest of the team. We want you to receive the highest quality services that we can provide, and I give my pros the chance to regularly sharpen their industry skills so they can serve up the fiercest cuts and most on-trend styles. 

But beyond the technical, we’ve also been exploring ways to combine our styling skills with impactful personal and business practices. This month, we have covered topics like:

  • Personal branding
  • Dialogue and delivery
  • Vision casting for the company 

I’m also looking forward to the next few months, where we will bring in guest speakers to train my staff on topics like mind/body connection, positive self talk, and a deep dive into our REF product line. Because you should always surround yourself with people who rock at what they do.

As our team progresses in all areas of their professional lives, they not only grow as stylists, but they grow as humans. As you sit down and connect with our stylists, I want you to know that they are doing everything in their power to make sure they are providing top level care for you, and that it goes so far beyond the hairs on your head. How you feel when you’re in a Peabody’s chair is just as important as how you feel when you look in the mirror, and cultivating smart business practices is just as important as applying great color.

The Pros Behind the Program

This quarter’s training program would not have been possible without the hard work of my badass leadership team. Brandon and Kylie have taken on the task of curating our class calendar and have done an outstanding job of focusing on areas that are the most crucial to us as a brand. Because they manage the program creatively and intentionally, our stylists will soon be well-versed in not only hair, but also business, connecting with clients, and respecting the mental and physical wellness of themselves and the rest of the team. 

When I began Peabody’s Parlor five years ago, my team was small, but my passion for the business was great. Now, I have a strong team of dedicated, professional badasses standing with me as my business continues to evolve, and they now have the space to take ownership in the brand. It is beautiful to watch my team become business-savvy leaders, and I am so proud of the work that they have done with our training courses, and in the company as a whole. It’s not just me making the rules anymore, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.