Hey, friends!

I am so excited for the opening of our new Peabody’s Emporium! The Emporium is a general store and modern apothecary where we sell classy cannabis, funky bevvies, house plants, and sustainable self-care products to help you live your best life. This space has given us a new outlet to keep serving you with holistic, intentional, and all around awesome products that compliment your Peabody’s salon experience.

This new part of the business was a long time coming, in some ways. As we celebrate its opening and get settled into the newly dressed up space, I want to tell you all about what led to the opening of the Emporium and how it exists in tandem with our brand here on Mass Ave.

2017: Moving To Mass Ave

From the moment we set up shop on Mass Ave, I knew I wanted to expand our space. At the time that we moved in, our original salon space was the only part that was available to us, which of course, has been amazing. The original half of our salon has served us so well over the last five years and has been instrumental in helping us set a foundation for our business. However, I knew that next door was a retail space that would be a perfect addition to what we had created. Owning it wasn’t in the cards for us yet, but I had my sights set on it, and it was only a matter of time.

2021: The Stars Align

Last year, the opportunity presented itself for us to lease the space next door, right between The Parlor and Homespun. We’d established ourselves in the space we had, and the time to grow was upon us. I didn’t know yet what the space would be for, but I knew it would serve us well, so I jumped at the opportunity.

In April of 2021, we took down the wall between the spaces and completely renovated our current salon to create the Peabody’s Parlor that you know today. We added more shampoo bowls and chairs to accommodate more clients at once, and there was still some room left to play with. But how to use the extra space? For a while, we used it for storage while we tried to decide how we wanted the brand to grow into its physical capabilities. It wasn’t until our 2022 vision casting party that our team came up with the idea to expand our store.

As you know, you’ve always been able to buy products from Peabody’s – shampoos, conditioners, styling products, etc. Until this point, our store was very much like the retail section of any other salon. But as our team chatted about the opportunity at hand, the idea arose to create something beyond a spot to sell your typical salon products. After all, we pride ourselves on the unique, quirky vibe of the Peabody’s Parlor, so why not share more of that with the community? What if we used the space to create a cool new shopping experience for Mass Ave patrons, complete with all the things that we feel represent Peabody’s brand? 

Um, hell yes! 

2022: Cool, Classy, and Just For You

If you’ve been following Peabody’s for any length of time, you know how important it is to me to bring personalized, holistic wellness to our community. This means providing an outlet for something different, something radical, something unforgettable.

The Emporium has given me the opportunity to share even more of the things that make me feel good inside and out with our clients and the Indianapolis community. You can still expect a killer haircut and unmatched salon experience from our team of competent, compassionate badasses, but now you can expect so much more. Our cannabis products are meant to enhance your experience of life, and I fully believe in their healing properties. Our queer-friendly flare allows us to demonstrate our focus on inclusion as allies of the LGBTQ+ community, and local snacks and bevvies give you a fun alternative to the standard potato chips and Diet Coke. The brands we stock are all ethically-minded and value-oriented brands that I really believe in, and I’m so excited to share these products with you so you can live your best life too.

If you haven’t been by the Emporium yet, be sure to stop by during our retail hours:

Thursdays: 12p-7p

Fridays & Saturdays: 12p-8p

Sundays: 11a-4p

Come revel in the Peabody’s lifestyle with us and check out some of the cool stuff we’ve been into. See you soon!