Hey, friends!


Back in December, we teased in our newsletter that our leadership team would have a vision casting party at the start of 2022. Well, sure enough, we whipped out our planning journals and set some kickass goals for the new year! 

Vision casting parties are an annual event for our team, though we had to put them on hold during the pandemic. This process allows us to bond as a leadership team, as well as periodically reflect on the state of our business and how we can improve for ourselves and our clients. This was the first time in a few years that we were able to gather, and it was SUCH a beneficial experience for us! This month, I want to share with you guys how it went and what we’ve got planned for the short term and long term future. 

There Are No Small Goals, Only Small Journals 

This year, we took inspiration from the Monk Manual planning method. This daily journal structure, created by Steven Lawson, helps users to set goals for “peaceful being and purposeful doing,” and recently added a 2022 Vision and Planning Journal to their roster. I have been using the Monk Manual journal for several months, and I just love the method of intentionally creating different types of goals to create a killer game plan. So, Kylie, Brandon, and I spent a lot of time jotting down our twelve month goals laid out the “being” and “doing” goals that we want to accomplish to meet the immediate needs of our company.

First on the list: marketing. If you receive our weekly emails, you’ll know that communication is a big priority for us right now. Expanding our marketing has already helped us keep you in the know and share great updates, news, and product promos so you continue to feel connected to our story. And since we’re always trying to connect with new stylists to join the Peabody’s family, we’ve been boosting our communication with future pros as well.

Our in-house vibe is just as crucial to our brand as our vibe in the digital space. From new couches in the waiting room to updating employee procedures like dress codes to building up the Emporium, we’re giving our salon aesthetic a serious upgrade. Our team knows their shit, and I want us to look as great as I know us to be.

In terms of “being,” consistency is the name of the game for 2022. Our primary “being” goal is to employ a consistent, structured model so our ship can run smoothly from day to day. We’re talking systems, people. Our core values play a key role in our “being” goals as well – our team continues to be humble, hungry, and smart so we can be constantly gaining new skills to serve you in the best way possible. 

The Bigger Picture

Next month, we’ll be celebrating our five-year anniversary at our Mass Ave location, which is a huge deal. With five years under our belts, we wanted to take a look at what the next five years of the business will look like and what our bigger picture plans are for Peabody’s. 

Our five-year goal is simple: to become a powerhouse in the Indianapolis salon industry. I am incredibly proud of our unique, holistic approach to salon culture, and I want to continue focusing on it until it becomes synonymous with the Peabody’s name. Prioritizing balance and wellness for our team members and empowering them to become strong, driven career professionals is hugely important to me, and it shows up in the way that our team provides stellar experiences for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel welcome when you arrive and feel fierce when you leave, and over the next five years, our holistic structure is going to help us grow into one of the leading industry names here in the city.

Hindsight is 2021

Besides looking forward, we also took a moment to look back at the last twelve months and reflect on the growth we’ve already seen. Peabody’s has evolved so much since I first began in my home salon, and tons of that growth has happened just since the pandemic began. With that in mind, we’re taking some time to assess what we’ve accomplished since we got here and what we need to keep moving forward.

While goals and accomplishments are huge, obstacles are just as important. Growth stems from knowledge, and knowing where we struggled over the last 12 months allowed us to create an action plan for overcoming these obstacles in the future. So, we didn’t just talk about the things we rocked at – we also acknowledged what made us nervous. Uneasy. Insecure. Distracted. The things that got in the way of us achieving our business goals. We’re not perfect and there is always room to grow, so we want to recognize those growth opportunities so we can go into the new year with eyes wide open.


Now that we’ve outlined our goals, it’s time to put our money where our planners are. To keep up with our growth over the next year, keep following our monthly blog posts, where I’ll be chatting about where we’re at and what we’re doing to make shit happen. Most importantly, know that we do all that we do so we can create the best experience for you!